Creative Healing Begins with Curiosity

Creativity enables us to become closer to ourselves and to our environment both consciously and beyond our aware functioning. In this way, doors of healing, solutions, and interconnected experiences can be accessed and learned from.

My work is an eclectic assortment of tools, methods, and practices that can fit into our daily lives, help us to cope with stress, and invite us to transcend what we think we know about ourselves and the world in order to grow, heal, and live our best lives.

Creative healing has many applications: self-reflection, regulation, connection with community and ancestors, activism, and spiritual development. This process is different for every person. I strive to increase the access of these tools and support systems within my interconnected communities because I believe they are fundamental to the well-being of all of us.

Some of the tools I use in my work with clients include:
– Creative practice
– Tarot reading
– Dreamwork
– Shadow work
– Movement and dance
– Direct coaching
– Creative consultation

If this inspires something in you, even if you can’t put it into words, or you want to learn more, please reach out to me here, through my email, and/or find me on social media.

Why Tending the Dark?

The dark is all that is unknown, unfamiliar, and uncertain in our lives. This doesn’t mean that it is ‘bad’ or ‘evil’- just beyond our current experience and knowledge. To have the capacity and tools to face the dark and engage with it constructively, that is how we tend to our lives, find healing, and grow as people, as communities, and as an integral part of the ecosystems of Earth.