Tending the Dark

Creative Healing Begins with Curiosity

Tending the Dark creates sacred space and practices for creators, makers, and artists of all kinds to gain clarity, deepen self-knowledge, and lean into their creativity to empower healing at all levels.

Everything we do is part of a lineage, remembered or not, of healing. I lean into this creative lineage with the intention of space holding and unlearning unsupportive patterns, of re-remembering my highest, most healed self. Healing isn’t about making the ‘negative’ things disappear, it is about growing large enough to encompass those so-called negative things and transform them into something greater.

We all have this capacity. I am here to help you tap into and explore the depths of your soul and lived experience. The best ways to do this all connected back to creativity. That vital life force inherent in every being. Creativity empowers us. It connects us consciously to ourselves, to each other, and to the Earth. It brings forward healing and nuance.

Creativity is how we will save ourselves and at the same time, the world.