Aidan Black (they/them) is a trans, nonbinary artist and neurodivergent activist with a particular interest in the power of creativity and imagination, how people interface with it, and what healing is possible through that interconnection and attention.

As well as being a lucid dreamer and highly intuitive energy healer, Aidan has been reading tarot for ten years, working as a shadow guide for five, and as an artist and storyteller for their whole life. These practices were honed during their time at the Evergreen State College during their BA in Performing Arts and Consciousness Studies.

Aidan is currently pursuing their MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling to further develop their ability to support communities, specifically queer and neurodivergent folks. 

Aidan’s personal creativity practices include a range of visual arts, writing, dance, and Yoqi- a combination of Yoga and Qigong. Their  multimedia paintings feature queer dreams and nonbinary visions of the past, present, and future and explorations of the depths of the human psyche through archetypes and storytelling.

Aidan lives in SeaTac, WA on unceded and traditional Duwamish and Mukleshoot lands with their spouse and partner-in-crime Juniper, several ghost cats, and a slightly out-of-control jar collection.